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If you look at the mirror in early morning and you are satisfied with yourself, you are very lucky, but you’d rather do much for it. Sad fact that most of the people suffer under the lack of self-confidence, even are unsatisfied and dislike facing mirrors.  If you prefer avoiding mirrors and don’t feel yourself well in your shape, shake up yourself and start changing right now, not only from tomorrow!

We created website page to enable you to achieve your changing targets efficiently. You can find there information about fitness, kettlebell, trainings the best with videos, even gastronomy, healthy foods and receips to shape fairly your body.

Come with us and join to group on the way to get satisfied!

What does ‘fitness’ mean?

It is interesting that it means purely the state of being physically fit, even people might tend to associate training rooms, huge muscles built on body too, however the FITNESS means much more. It is a decisive way of life, inclusive healthy meals, regular training, stress release. It is ideal, isn’t it?

But people why leave it away, instead of living in such a way?  Because there are the well known pretexts, ‘I have no time enough to physical exercise’, ‘I have no spirit and inspiration enough after work’, ‘the healthy foods are very expensive’, etc. Have you ever heard such pretexts? But all these are the question of decision only. It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that we have time and inspiration, if it is really important for us! If you want to be well balanced and healthy, there is no doubt, you have to leave your comfort zone. After work you may face preference that you shouldn’t frequent your sofa first.

The fitness parallel moves your body and mind. Further of nicer body shape, as a result of regular trainings you earn higher concentration, energy level, self-confidence, happiness feeling by endorphin release, calmed nerves. Do not forget that you can meet new people and find new friends!


Kettlebell, as a miraculous accessory of fitness

If you have already tried all training methods to find the optimal one for your health and your ideal bodyweight, stop searching, you are now at the point!

The kettlebell is a genuine wonder, much more than a single dumb-bell with handle. The secret of its success is hidden precisely by its shape, a round weight with a flat bottom and thick handle on top. The design of the kettle bell allows for the centre of mass to be out away from your hand, hence there is no desperate fight against pulling aside while in use.  On the contrary of dumb-bell use, if you want to control and win the kettlebell, you have to keep strength with your whole body and to maintain proper counter-force. Believe that such a game can be hard, but effective on the same level.

Its popularity based on its simplicity and efficiency, almost every fitness centre has got kettlebell devices and kettlebell instructors so far. The kettlebell, which was developed by Pavel Tsasouline, has become one of the most dominant fitness trends so far, several home and foreign celebs belong to the fans of this sport. Otherwise it cannot be considered as fashion sport as it has been existing for 300 years already and has been developed continuously.  

Why is good for you to grab kettlebell?

 ● Pay attention if you have sedentary jobs and get pains in waist or back. You can strengthen with kettlebell your muscles around the spinal column and in this way you can eliminate the troubles of your waist and back.

 ● Pay attention if you need slimming diet or bodyweight control!  The kettlebell is an unbeatable device in fat burning, it is an extreme weight reducer, in addition it stimulates your circulatory system.

 ● Pay attention if you wish to develop your muscles!  If you failed to develop muscles by any other sports, but you want, the kettlebell provides a help. Spectacular result can be afforded in a few weeks or months.

 ● Attention for men! If you wish to achieve stronger force, bigger staying power and athletic muscles, the kettlebell is the perfect choice. You have to keep continuous focus, discipline and fight with the device and with yourself.

 ● Attention for women!  If you decided to be slimmer, well-shaped and to have tighter body, but without man-like muscles, you are at the point with kettlebell. You can get rid of surplus bodyweight quickly by kettlebell trainings, but you are guarantied to achieve round bottom shape as well.

Is the kettlebell effective so much?

Yes it is, the kettlebell is the champion in fat burning. You can read details in menu point fatburning.

Opinions about kettlebell:

"My steady back pain was stopped immediately by kettlebel, my curvatore of spine and the asimmetry of my shoulders were reduced! Thank you!" Éva Kovács, 32 years old.

"I have tested every fitness scheme, but the kettlebell became my favourite. Prior to this I frequented fitness centre, but non of dumb-bells proved to be so effective. I got top form by kettlebell, my former gym mates don’t believe their eyes, they started actually inquiring about kettlebell..."  Levente Szentmihályi, 26 years old.

"After giving birth I didn’t dealt with sport for 5 years then I joint to kettlebell. I had terrible stiffness first, then my weight went down with 8 kg in 3 months. I can propose it for everybody." - Nikolett Tarjánné Helbert, 39 years old.

"I was always  some kind of sportsman. Originally I intended kettlebell as complementary sport beside old boys football and I stayed with it.  I train twice a week and I got such physical condition that I am able to run steadily so fast until the end of football time that it is a shame for youngsters. Since then my son has come with me to kettlebell gym as well." - Ferenc Hódosi, 48 years old.

Kettlebell fitness desktop wallpaper:

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