Kettlebell Fitness Videos

Important! The exercises of these kettlebell fitness videos are for such persons, who are able to make exercises properly, know the principals and regulations. Without these the kettlebell use might cause injury!

Kettlebell Dead Lift

The Kettlebell Dead Lift strengthens your back, buttocks, thighs, calf and eases up your hip, corrects your kinetic motions, which are indispensable to lift up any object in the everyday life. Keep your back in line! Keep your knees over ankles, to ease your joint from loading. Don’t forget that you shouldn’t allow squat, your bottoms should move backward only but shouldn’t move downward. Of course your knees should be bended moderately which is required to move your bottoms backward only. This exercise is the basis of swing. While this gym is not perfect, stop stepping forward. If you cannot afford this alone, turn to FMS expert!

Kettlebell dead lift fitness video

Kettlebell good morning

Its target is to strengthen the hip and to stretch the muscle of chest (or breast). This is advised especially between snatches. Important during the gym to keep legs and strictly your back in line! This exercise allows such degree of leaning, when bottoms move backward only, while your back is kept in line!

Kettlebell good morning fitness video

Kettlebell Halo

The Kettlebell Halo is for ensuring the mobility of shoulders. It strengthens the shoulders and the trunk. During the exercise tense your whole body, straighten up, keep head rigid and look strictly forward, only your arms and the kettlebell move. If you have in the meantime any trouble, such as stretch in shoulders, when there is no ability to lower the weight in back position, you shouldn’t continue with snatches, because the mobility of your shoulders shall be recovered. Turn to FMS expert.


Kettlebell halo fitness video

Kettlebell Wiper

The Kettlebell Wiper is to move the spinal, trunk muscles are strengthened.
Lift up the kettlebell in front of you above your chest, straight wrist, straight arms. The kettlebell is held over the chest while in use in exercise. You shouldn’t give holding with it. Set your legs in squire angle, just aside with each other. Try to touch your knees to the floor to the left and right.  There is no problem if not perfect, just keep descending while you are able to keep control in moving gradually downward, without dropping.

Kettlebell Wiper fitness video

Kettlebell Clean&Press

This plucking up exercise strengthens your buttocks, thighs, arms and furthermore the snatching strengthens your arms and chest. With plucking up, you can forward the kettlebell to rack position. This is a good exercise in its kind.  The basis of moving is the same as it is with ’Dead Lift’, but more dynamic, such as the case with ’Swing’, but here you brake the arch, your elbows stay nearby your ribs. Don’t turn your hands in, this is a plucking up exercise, it is not specialised for biceps. Once the kettlebell arrives the rack position, tense your body such as thighs, bottoms, grips and start snatching up the kettlebell in spiral way! We work out full arch, your hands always move from straight state to fully released one.

Kettlebell clean & press fitness video

Kettlebell Figure 8

This exercise is useful to strengthen your back, to ease up your hip, to stabilize keeping your knees. Keep your knees over your ankles, back straight, head forward. Note if you stare at the kettlebell during the exercise, the upper part of your back tends to be curved.


Kettlebell figure 8 fitness video

Kettlebell Windmill

 The Kettlebell Windmill strengthens the stability of your waist, expands the hip and thigh, strengthens your back, mostly the muscles beside the spinal column, improves the mobility and stability of your shoulders. It is very important that the Kettlebell Windmill is not a bending exercise. Pluck up and lift up the kettlebell then turn foots in 45° afterwards only, in opposite direction with the kettlebell. When you just keep the kettlebell with your right arm in top position, your buttocks are to be pushed toward to the right and backward a bit, meanwhile your trunk is to be allowed precisely in opposite direction to get down a bit and slightly to left while your spinal column is to be kept fully straight. Keep chest front. We work through the full interval too. Always rise up entirely, but move down to limit only while you are able to keep your spinal column in straight position!

Kettlebell windmill fitness video

Kettlebell swing

The Kettlebell Swing strengthens your buttocks, thighs, belly and back, even improves highly the staying power, with correct use your hip will be also stabilized. Excellent to fat burning as intermediate training.  This is an indispensable part of the training.
The basis of the move is the Kettlebell Dead Lift, but in a much more dynamic way! This is a swing and  not a lift. You shouldn’t try lifting the kettlebell from shoulder because it is so big blunder that KGB men will meet you. The kettlebell is to be burst from the hip. Similarly to the way of drawing a bow, lead your bottoms backward and tense them in a dynamic way, such as when you spring to attention but arrive to straddling position.  The weight moves properly forward because your leap forced to be straight and kept in vertical line. The centre of gravity of your body is to be kept steadily on your angles, which can be afforded only with positioning knees properly, so that you don’t allow them to move forward.
This is a combined exercise, difficult to perform properly, that’s why you find so many alternatives in Youtube. However, try keeping perfect moving for your health. Don’t worry to turn to expert for advice

Kettlebell swing fitness video

Kettlebell Squat

The Kettlebell Squat is first of all to strengthen your thighs and buttocks.  Being the first two biggest groups of muscles on body, this exercise may be useful part as intermediate training for fat burning. On he contrary of beliefs, our deep squat doesn’t harm to your knees if properly made, even gives strengthening for them.  Note that your back is kept to be in line, your knees shouldn’t be allowed forward to get beyond in front the line of your toes. Keep your body in the lowest point with your legs, but you shouldn’t sit down in the posture!

Kettlebell squat fitness video

Kettlebell Sit Up

The Kettlebell Sit Up is mainly to strengthen your belly, but provides an improved bearing of your body with drawing your shoulders back. Hook ook your legs in the kettlebell to enable you to sit up with straight spine. In that way you can avoid torturing your vertebrae.  Lying in horizontal posture, keep your arms forward as if you were to row and pull back while sitting up. Don’t nod forward, you’d better try making concave as far as possible!

Kettlebell sit up fitness video

Kettlebell Floor Press

The Kettlebell Floor Press is to strengthen your arms, chest and spine. While you take up, it is very important to help with the other hand too, because your elbows don’t wear this kind of burden easily.  Once the kettlebell arrives nearby a sort of rack position, pull up your legs and tense to the floor.  The Kettlebell Floor Press is started from hip and, in he meantime, you turn your body up to side lying posture. Keep an eye always on kettlebell to control it safely. To finish, keeping tense continuously, the line of your putting down shall follow the arch backward which was drawn previously through the snatching period. While you put down, it is very important to help with the other hand, too.

Kettlebell floor press fitness video

Kettlebell TGU, Turkish Get Up

This exercise is a combined one to strengthen the whole body, maintains the mobility, developes stability and the ability of coordination. Put up the kettlebell with two hands then snatch it!  During the exercise keep your arms straight and vertical. Watch the kettlebell to be able to coordinate it safely. With the use of your legs and belly muscles, get up yourself succeeding the level of your elbows, then to your palm. Push up your hip to achieve that your body is in line. Draw back your legs kept straight and put on your knee close to your hand which is held in a support position, because this enables you to lift your hand up in a stable way. Ones your posture is stable, you have to rise up then arrange your legs and stand up. You may do similarly the exercise in a reversal way, but you’d rather work upward more than downward, because it is much more useful for you! 

Kettlebell TGU - Turkish Get Up fitness video

Important! The exercises of these kettlebell fitness videos are for such persons, who are able to make exercises properly, know the principals and regulations. Without these the kettlebell use might cause injury!