False views about fat burning in the fitness industry

Amateurs, even so called professionals frequently state that aerobic or cardio trainings are the most effective for fat burning, and that way can be reached the ’fat burning zone’. This theory has been so widely used that there are already tabular forms on cardio machines to read certain targeted range of pulse to achieve fat burning.

To dispel such beliefs we have to clarify first the meaning of aerobic, cardio or anaerobic moving.

The aerobic moving can be maintained on long lasting basis with a medium intensity, such as running,    riding bicycle, going upstairs and downstairs or rowing. This type of medium intensity improves the hart muscles, and reduces the blood pressure, that’s why it is named as ‘Cardio’ moving.

The anaerobic moving means high intensity, maintained for shorter period, such as the weight trainings, inclusive kettlebell.

It is important that there are no sports excluding totally aerobic or excluding totally anaerobic elements, difference can be mainly emerged from the way of doing exercises. For instance jogging is aerobic, but sprinting is anaerobic. You can easily identify your stage. If you can talk during the exercise you do aerobic moving. If you gasp for breath and cannot talk, you do anaerobic moving.

Which moving type is ideal for fat burning?

Piece of theory: when you start training, your organism start utilizing Glycogen from your muscles, which stimulates you to faster gasp for oxygen, which will be spread faster by higher pulse.

In aerobic training, during low intensity moving, first you have oxygen enough and big amount of Glycogen, your body can consume them up to 30-40 minutes, that’s why flat burning starts afterwards, earning energy from that particular area. That’s why the amount of your flat burning depends on the further training time, after about 40 minutes gym you have already invested. Take into consideration that in case of exaggeration of aerobic training, there is the effect of consuming muscles! Your organism quickly gets to be accustomed to training,  hence during the series of trainings less and less fat burning can be achieved, even calorie burning is given during the training only, nothing afterwards.

As a matter of fact, flat burning can be afforded with aerobic training, but only in very long time.        If your target is the flat burning, this training type is not yours, unless you have plenty of time!

In anaerobic training, with higher intensity moving, the flat burning is much more effective, as the relevant amount of enzymes is increased, there is an enhanced oxygen consume, hence after training the calorie is consumed further on, up to 36 hours, too! If you do high quality and intensity exercises from the beginning of the training, for instance kettlebell, you will earn faster physiologic changes, but your fat ratio will be reduced faster as well. The anaerobic moving provides fat burning more efficiently, in shorter time. If this is your target, you found your training type!

Can fat burning be afforded with Weight Training?

Stereotypes imply that the weight training is not for fat burning, but scientific researches show and my personal experience supports that the weight trainings are not only effective, but also provide long lasting results for those who wish to slim!

Let’s start with the fact that a high energy demand correlates mostly with the amount of muscles, namely just a few kilograms more will highly increase your metabolism. Your muscle is the most important weapon of yours, in which is hidden the guaranteed success of the Weight Training! No ladies should worry of Weight Training, muscle mass can be built up in this way, without consuming testosterone or so.

Weight Training with kettlebell is sentenced to success.  The kettlebell exercise increases your metabolism, even improves your oxygen use and speed of the calorie burning, for a period of further 36 hours, which means 1.5 days. This is not wrong, is it? This kettlebell training actually will work for you further 36 hours and will help in fat burning!

How should I train for a chance of increased fat burning?

Instead of long lasting, low intensity aerobic moving, you should do high intensity interval training. It means that full force and low force periods are change each other continuously.  Investing certain energy, the efficiency of this particular way of training for fat burning is 10 times bigger then it is in  the case of a continuous aerobic training.   There is one criterion:  during the training you must keep maximum intensity in the proper interval.

The kettlebell training perfectly copes with such criterion. In exercise series the training blocks make move different muscle groups, lower intensities and maximum intensities change each other, in the form of circular training. The result is beyond any dispute, the fat burning is fully guaranteed! 

How could I get slim from belly, hip, buttocks..?

You have to know that targeting definite part of the body for slimming is not possible.

It is genetically coded which parts of your body take first fat and the loss of weight or fat burning will keep precisely the same regular series, which you cannot influence! Forget such exercises which promise slimming with minus centimetres separately on belly or hip or bottoms! If you would reduce the excess from your belly, you have to eat properly and do trainings for fat burning. In the case of hip or buttocks, you have to do the same. There are no exceptions.

Just train in anaerobic way twice a week at least, as far as possible with the highest intensity, and you will earn the result. You can rest assured that kettlebell controls and forms parallel all parts of your body and you can achieve brawny and athletic shape with it.

How should I eat for a chance of increased fat burning?

No slimming diet! It is not the way when you periodically, drastically decrease your calorie consumption, even you might harm with a hunger cure. You may read loss of weight on a scale which otherwise cannot show the amount of fat in your body. False belief that during a slimming diet you are able to get rid of fat cushions first. During a slimming diet 40-60 % of the loss of kilograms is not given by fat, but by muscles under the fat! The fat just stays, though you have intended to get rid of it so far. Drastic slimming diets cannot be successful, because there is no long lasting result.

In addition your metabolism is slowed down to rate 50 %! You loose not only muscles, but you have to face further effects, such as hart weakening, sluggish bowels.

Pay attention to meals! It is important to distinguish the weight reducing from the fat reducing. If you wish to slim, about 10-20 % calorie reduction required, so you have to eat less a bit. Sorry, you cannot get away with it. If you take surplus calorie, you can compensate with very calorie demanding trainings, but I doubt that you’d rather train 2-3 hours a day to compensate this particular sin. You shouldn’t slim more then 0,5-1 kg a week. If you force it faster, you will loose muscles as well.  The context is simple: the slower the slimming, the longer the good result while bigger amount of muscles will be saved. You’d rather eat more frequently lower quantities and don’t miss meals available in regular time.

 Eat meals which are rich in protein, because those are the food of your muscles!   If you make your muscles work or you take less calories, the protein feeding is extremely important, add about 1- 2 g / body weight kg a day. The protein may be taken from meat, unless from fish instead, unless from eggs instead. In case of eggs take into account that the egg yolk has fat too much, that’s why in case of scrambled eggs leave in, say, 1 yolk from every 5 eggs only. If you avoid eating all of meats, fishes, eggs, you may take milk curds, cheese or soya instead, but in the latter case you might need nourishing pills as well.

Women and running

Although the running is very popular among women, but longer running is not advised generally.  Many of such female fans have pains in their knee, even their shape often is not so perfect that their training plans would be demonstrated by results.  

The reason of pains in knee can be identified from the wider hip of women. Because of the wider hip, there is a bigger angle between the thigh bone and leg bone, which means enhanced loading on knees, hence running woman gives further load on, of course. Comparing to body weight, the additional loading is more times higher on knees during running than it is in a single case of standing, that’s why I don’t suggest running  for women, even  for men in case of  bigger overweight, it is much better to choose kettlebell training.